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Cisco Enterprise Internetwork Expert (CEIE)

This course is designed for professionals to install, maintain and troubleshoot the network equipment of Cisco 's diverse courses Hand-On practical. With the truth The aim is to provide the ability to install and troubleshoot. Ranging from basic to professional level System Integrator System Engineer related equipment of Cisco 's majority as well.

The content of the course is divided into five sections:
  • Installing the Switch and Router Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Installing the Cisco ASA 5500 Series (Cisco Firewall).
  • Installing Cisco Wireless Controller.
  • Installing Enterprise Switch on the Advanced.
  • Workshop on Troubleshooting The problem in small networks - large.

Professional Data Center Infrastructure Design and Management

Advanced Data Center related to management. About Operational Data Center will focus on providing you with the standard of design, performance standards, such as in the Data Center.


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Uptime : is the focus of Data Center under Tier 1 to Tier 4, including a detailed course of action is required. You can apply this knowledge to determine a course of action or application under Tier standard of Uptime.

TIA-942 : standard on wiring. Network communication and telecommunication in the Data Center Standard Server Installation and Network Rack Cabinets in the standard temperature and humidity within the Data Center.

BICSI : focus on standards Wiring types of cooling systems, ventilation, temperature, humidity, lighting and more

SAS-70 : standards that focus on physical security. By learning the rules. About CARE Security and Data Center as well as the Action Plan. Security

ASHRAE : standards on the cooling system. And ventilation within the Data Center

Are you the chance to learn about the design and improvement of management efficiency within the Data Center using case studies from the world's leading Data Center.
Are you the chance to learn about the watch. The work of the network, including the Server and Storage Software With advanced.
Are you the chance to learn about. How to manage the Network Operation Center (NOC) management standards. Using standard tools And watch the performance of the system. And equipment involved in the Data Center.
Are you the 'll learn about the work of installing the SAN Switch and storage under the SAN.
Are you the 'll learn how to work the Cloud Computing and Server Virtualization.
Are you the chance to learn about the work of the Network Virtualization.

Implementing and Administering Cisco Switch and Router.


No one can deny that Most organizations have adopted network equipment, Cisco into widespread use. And the need for staff with knowledge of this field. It is much the same So there are people who are trying to qualify for the Certificate is recognized. A knowledgeable and experienced in the use and installation of network equipment. The Situation is not so. It is well known that Those who pass the exam receive a certificate and a CCNA or CCNP has the knowledge and skill than an engineer installing the Cisco field again. But these field engineers Have knowledge of the network, leading to a solution that creates poorer than those receiving diplomas. This is particularly disappointing

This course can answer the question. By the way, as a core academic knowledge. Along with practical trials in all phases. With modern equipment and one set of participants to one person, you can actually try out the actual installation. The physical installation And the configuration of the operating system that comes with the device.

Of course, this same course exam to receive a certificate postcard CCNA / CCNP How ?
This course focuses on the applications. You do not have to start from the basics. About Hardware Cisco is known to never touched before. To write Source Code for installation Switch and Router to connect to a larger network manually. We emphasize that this course People trained to do them. Install self author Source Code as well fix the problem manually. The installation of the means to connect. Writing and editing command on Switch and Router itself can read and check for abnormalities. And connectivity solutions.

Moreover You will have a solid knowledge of theory. The short explanation by the instructor. Has taught psychology And a systematic approach to teaching. To be well And intended to bring participants to success. It is recognized by all participants.

Not only do you get the skills to install. Been completely You can also take the knowledge from this training does not extend to the preparation for CCNA and CCNP more easily.

ITIL v3.0 Foundation Certification and Workshop

Not only does it allow you to have only the course will allow you to deploy applications in the enterprise.

For those who wish to.

  • To adopt ITIL to improve IT service. In cognitive efficiency Quality of Service And taken literally
  • To improve Or overhaul the management of all IT organizations.
  • To improve IT service providers. More Powerful International standard
  • The need to obtain a Certificate ITIL.
  • To solve the problem About the IT service provider's current organization.
This course can provide all the answers to you. All solutions you graduate, you can immediately put to use in the enterprise. We not only teach you the only preparation. But it can also be used to meet your organization's needs exactly.

We teach report writing Template and process operations. Each step carefully The case of Sample Checklist for inspection during operation. As well as writing Workflow to your organization.
Practical use IT management software. Has been recognized The standards of ITIL best to deal with the Service Desk / Help Desk , including a database to serve. IT departments And more
We use the software to manage the Process in practice on ITIL during the training.
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